Our research focusses predominantly on the synthesis of bioactive compounds (peptidomimetics and natural products) with potential therapeutic applications, as well as the development of luminescent sensors for environmentally and biologically relevant species.

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Luminescent Sensors

We are interested in the design, synthesis and application of luminescent sensors for the detection and quantification of important analytes in environmental, biological and industrial samples. A particularly attractive feature of our sensors is the ability to carry out measurements where a short delay is introduced between excitation and detection of emitted luminescence. This enables avoidance of short‐lived background fluorescence and hence the luminescent signal depends only on the concentration of probe and target analyte, greatly enhancing sensitivity.
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Medicinal Chemistry

Our research in this area investigates the design, synthesis and biological testing of small molecules with the potential to find application as new therapeutic drugs. A major focus of our work is the development of mimics of a peptide found in the toxin of a cone snail as potential pain killers. We are also investigating the synthesis of small molecules that are able to inhibit an important protein-protein interaction which prevents cancer cells from dying. Such compounds could find application as new anti‐cancer agents.
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We collaborate with numerous researchers, including:
Prof. Peter Duggan
- CSIRO, Australia
Dr Adam Meyer
- CSIRO, Australia
Prof. Amy Barrios
- University of Utah, USA
Prof. Mike Ward
- University of Warwick, UK
Dr Genevieve Dennison
- DST, Australia
Dr Robert Pal
- Durham University, UK
Prof. Amit Arora
- IITB, Bombay
Prof. Gilles Gasser
- Chimie ParisTech, France
Prof. Berthold Kersting
- University of Leipzig, Germany
Assoc. Prof. Mike Grace
- Monash University, Australia
Dr Victor Cardaso
- Monash University, Australia
Prof. Neil Cameron
- Monash University, Australia
Assoc. Prof. David McCarthy
- Monash University, Australia
Prof. Nicolas Voelcker
- Monash University, Australia
Assoc. Prof. Rico Tabor
- Monash University, Australia
Assoc. Prof. Conor Hogan
- Latrobe University, Australia
Prof. Pall Thordarson
- University of New South Wales, Australia
Dr Rebecca Miller
- University of Melbourne, Australia
Prof. Richard Lewis
- University of Queensland, Australia
Prof. David Adams
- University of Wollongong, Australia